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In 2010, John founded RedDoorInnovation® to provide a dedicated location where management teams can develop purposeful innovation within a timely context. A breakthrough thinker, John acknowledges, "Not all ideas are innovation. Solutions must be value driven and capable of implementation." Red Door Innovation Center offers an accelerated program for achieving powerful new strategies through idea generation (ideation).
At Red Door Innovation, John facilitates teams as they invest four days, discovering and creating future products, services, branding, resolving design, production and operational issues and formulating cutting-edge strategies for increased market-share.

OPEN INNOVATION - The Game Changer

The Red Door Innovation center is a facility uniquely designed for one purpose — to facilitate breakthrough business innovation in an environment where your team's thinking will flourish — away from the office, cell phones, computers and nonstop interruptions.

At Red Door Innovation, teams are free to focus on the real issues. They are challenged to think and rethink their suppositions generating truly innovative solutions. As necessary, industry experts contribute specialized knowledge and experience to the process.

"Ideation is central to the innovation process," states John Di Frances, "When does an idea become innovation? When it creates new markets or transforms the way business is done. We must find creative ways to solve problems and capitalize on opportunities. Great ideas with new and imaginative applications can be borrowed from other industries. This is known as open innovation.

The first step is to get out of the office, away from established patterns and distractions. Our actions are limited by our perceptions of reality. We provide an open environment where ideas flow and teams are free to function synergistically."

The Red Door program enables management teams to collaborate effectively. Pooling collective knowledge, engaging in dialogue and inquiry, abandoning established patterns of thinking, employing humor and at times sparring viewpoints combine to create the ideation dynamic for successful innovation.

Thinking Innovation The heart of Innovation is THINKING.   Deep Thinking and ReTHINKING.  It requires a commitment of time and resources from an organization's leadership.  Accelerated Innovation is an intensely collaborative exercise in which problems and potentialities are viewed from every possible perspective. It is a forum where ideas are volleyed back and forth. Solutions must be practical, affordable and capable of implementation.

Red Door Innovation center sessions assist organizations in achieving breakthrough initiatives, including:

Powerful New Branding
Innovative Customer Service Initiatives
Process Flow & Systems Improvements
Distinctive New Products, Services or Product Line Extensions
Breakthrough Solutions to Complex Problems
A Plan for Increasing Employee Loyalty & Productivity
Streamlines R&D to Market Pipeline Strategies