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Now more than ever, competition and profitability demand Innovation.
Breakthrough thinker, John Di Frances, shows how strategic innovation will improve performance and create marketplace opportunities for synergistic results. In a global economy, smart companies find ways to look beyond perceived limitations and quickly identify optimal innovations with the greatest ROI.

What is innovation and how is it achieved? Innovation begins with the process of ideation. But if an idea offers no market value or bottom-line improvement for operations, then it is simply an idea and not Innovation. Solutions must be practical, affordable and capable of implementation.

What is accelerated Innovation and how is it accomplished? It is a highly collaborative exercise, intense and of short duration, involving teamwork and professional facilitation. Problems and potentials must be scrutinized from every possible perspective, ideas volleyed back and forth. It requires a time investment of your team.

What is open innovation and how does it work? It occurs when individuals look for solutions outside of their own organization and industry. Some years ago, an aircraft engineer attended an Indy car race and was intrigued by the vertical wings on the cars. He questioned the crew engineers and learned that they were added to increase fuel economy and stability. Hence, the upturned wings you see on commercial aircraft today.

With humor and a remarkable gift for story-telling, John's keynotes introduces the extraordinary potential of creative solutions. He offers a convincing case for Strategic Innovation as the key to a successful future.
The heart of Innovation is THINKING.   Deep Thinking and ReTHINKING.  It requires a commitment of time and resources from an organization's leadership.  Accelerated Innovation is an intensely collaborative exercise in which problems and potentialities are viewed from every possible perspective. It is a forum where ideas are volleyed back and forth. Solutions must be practical, affordable and capable of implementation.
Achieving powerful new strategies through Idea Generation

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