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DI FRANCES & ASSOCIATES, LLC is a professional services firm that assists client organizations in the optimization of specific marketplace initiatives. Founded in 1983, by John Di Frances, the consulting firm has served a wide-ranging clientele including corporations, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and associations, both in North America and internationally.

John founded RedDoorInnovation® to provide a dedicated location where management teams can develop purposeful innovation within a timely context. However, this is not always possible. So, where do you begin? How do you identify specific market opportunities. How do you create a culture of Innovation and learn to innovate as a team? When necessary, the RedDoorInnovation professional consulting staff will provide professional consulting and facilitation services in-house.

With experienced facilitation, Innovation can be successfully achieved within your organization. A breakthrough thinker, John Di Frances generates innovative solutions to complex problems and helps to identify new opportunities. "Not all ideas are innovation. Solutions must be value driven,capable of implementation." Business Innovation must either create new markets or transform the way business is done with the purpose of increasing value.

Breakthrough Innovation occurs when we abandon established thinking patterns and reject all limitations.



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